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Greg has trained and tested all 10 of our crane operators for the NCCCO certification. He also developed a custom rigging program for our facility and trained 150 of our maintenance craftsmen. Greg is always professional, punctual, well organized, and takes the time to answer any questions that the students may have. We have had him back to our plant many times because we know we will get high quality training.

Jamie D.

Trying to start the process to acquire your crane certification is nerve racking. Although I only took a 2 day prep class to prepare me for my written examinations, Greg Peters shows his dedication from the minute you walk in the door. You will have a well organized binder ready for you, which lays out everything you need to prepare for your written exams. And if you have trouble with any part of the class, Greg is willing to take the time to explain it further for you. And if you're still having trouble, he will sit down with you and explain it in a way that each individual can learn it. Which is like having a one on one instructor. And that is what makes a great teacher. In addition, Greg gives the students the opportunity to teach each other. This sometimes makes it easier to learn. Whenever I meet someone that wants they're Crane certs, I tell them about Greg Peters.

Casey S.

To Whom It May Concern:

It is without any reservation that I support Gregg Peters to perform a fun and educational "Certified Crane Operator" training course. I would recommend Gregg to perform training for anyone as well as for any company.

Gregg was very flexible and willing to work with our company in every possible way. He traveled from California to Wisconsin without any resistance, and was willing to stick around after hours to ensure all the employees attending the course were retaining the information in both the classroom portion and the hands-on proper use of crane control. Gregg conveys information in a way that makes everyone in the class understand it. If information was not understood in the beginning, he would break it down until it was understood by everyone.

The results of the written tests are a direct reflection on his training abilities. Each employee that attended the class passed both written tests on the first attempt; all but one employee passed the practical exam as well. We had a few employees with limited to no time on mobile cranes before the training, however, Gregg's knowledge and skills on cranes made a big impact on helping some of our employees pass the practical. You cannot ask for more in a trainer.

Gregg's knowledge of cranes and training skills are outstanding and he will definitely help any company that may need employees to become certified crane operators. He will encourage as well as ensure each candidate is comfortable and well prepared for the testing.

Tim M.


Your class is great especially for someone like me that has never operated a crane before and I still passed the test. This was a really engaged class. Thanks.

Mike S.

To whom it may concern:

I am an experienced miner with more than a few years operating a crane. It gives me a great amount of pleasure to be able to voice my feelings about a great instructor.

In our class we had plant foremen, equipment operators and safety personnel, some of which had little practical experience in operating a crane. This presented a unique challenge for our instructor, Gregg Peters. Gregg was able to not only teach everything that was required; he also made it enjoyable and challenging to the more experienced crane operators in the class. In addition, Gregg's willingness to stay after class, gave every person an opportunity to "get it right".

I would highly recommend Gregg to anyone that needs to certified or just wants to become more proficient at crane operation.


Richard K.

I would like to commend Greg Peters on an excellent training program. I attended Greg's class and felt confident in my outcome as a result. When I had questions / issues in crane operation Greg was more than generous with his time in explaining those issues for me. I heartily recommend Greg and his program to anyone interested in crane operation.

Michael E.