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We offer a wide range of services from crane operator certification and training, to refresher courses, specialty classes, lift director seminars, rigging certification programs and more. All of our courses are designed to meet the needs of both employers and operators.

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About American Crane Training & Consulting, Inc.
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We believe our success is measured by the success of our students, and that’s why we strive for excellence in everything we do. Our courses are designed with safety at the forefront and focus on providing a comprehensive understanding of crane operation. We also offer custom courses to meet specific requirements and needs.

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Since 1999, we've been dedicated to providing the best crane operator training available.

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About American Crane Training & Consulting
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At American Crane Training, we're a team of skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional crane operation training to individuals and companies alike. What sets us apart is our unique blend of industry expertise, customized instruction, and advanced technology. With decades of combined experience in the industry, we're perfectly equipped to meet diverse client needs across various sectors.

One way we differentiate ourselves is through our commitment to personalized instruction. We understand that every client and trainee is unique, so we customize our training solutions to meet each person's specific requirements. Our team works with our clients to ensure that the training is relevant, effective, and aligned with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

If you're looking for a team that's committed to providing personalized crane operation training, look no further than American Crane Training. Get in touch with us today and learn how our cutting-edge technology and experienced instructors can help you achieve success in your career!
We offer a wide range of
NCCCO Certified Crane Training Services
NCCCO Certified Training
NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Training
The NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator courses are designed specifically for those who work in crane operations. This course is available through our On-Site Training and Scheduled Training programs and will cover what’s required to successfully pass the NCCCO Mobile Crane certification written and practical exams.
NCCCO Certified Training
NCCCO Overhead Crane Operator Training (OVR)
This overhead training course gives equipment operators a solid foundation in health and safety standards, preventative maintenance, and the proper procedures for safely operating overhead cranes. Our program is designed specifically for a hands-on experience. We also offer Crane Safety enhanced training and orientation options for overhead crane training. This overhead crane training course will be tailored to your operator's experience, crane, and application.
NCCCO Certified Training
NCCCO Articulated Crane Operator Training (ACO)
The Certified Articulating Crane Operator Class is designed to prepare experienced operators for their certification test. Our class offers an in-depth look at laws, regulations, and knowledge to prepare candidates for the NCCCO Articulating Crane Operator Certification exams. Candidates will have ample time to familiarize and practice, hands-on, with the machines throughout the class.
NCCCO Certified Training
NCCCO Digger Derrick Operator Training (DDO)
Our Digger Derrick operator training is designed to provide information and testing to help ensure that your operators are certified to operate your machines safely and effectively. The specifically designed training consists of classroom and hands-on training with practical testing. The operator will learn to assess the suitability of the equipment for the assigned task, positioning, setup, and operation of the equipment in a competent manner.
NCCCO Certified Training
NCCCO Rigger Training - Level I & II
NCCCO Rigger Level 1 & Level 2 Certification Training prepares students for the successful completion of Level 1 & Level 2 Rigger certification testing. Students will participate in classroom instruction and several hands-on workshops for: slings, rigging, and hardware. Students will examine sling hitch applications and perform load weight distribution and tension calculations for non-symmetrical loads. Participants will also learn methods of drifting and rotating loads.
NCCCO Certified Training
NCCCO Signal Person Training
The NCCCO Signal Person training course consists of classroom training, hands on rigging scenarios, and practice exams. This course is designed to train candidates to use hand and voice signals in crane operations.
NCCCO Certified Training
Basic Rigger Training
The primary goal of this course is to teach safe rigging techniques that reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. The program will teach about types of rigging equipment and how to properly inspect, maintain and store it. This course explains how to avoid common hazards associated with rigging.
Basic Signal Person Training
This course will review regulations and standards of a signal person. You will learn signal person responsibilities and how to property signal with hand signals, audible signals, and electronic devices for: tower and overhead cranes and mobile cranes in operation and in transit.
Crane & Rigging Supervisor & Management Training
Our Crane & Rigging Supervisor & Management Training program is designed for any supervisory personnel such as a Foreman, Site Supervisor, Facility Manager and Safety Director. Upon completing our training program, supervisory personnel will possess the proper knowledge and training to avoid hazards during crane operation and to do their job efficiently and effectively. Your supervisors will be competently trained with thorough safety knowledge and skills to oversee and manage all crane and construction site operations.
Safety Training
The Safety Training course gives an overview of some basic workplace hazards and how you can protect yourself from them. This course will show you how to maximize safety for yourself and those around you.
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At American Crane Training, we strive to provide the best training for crane operators. Our story is one of commitment, resilience, and hard work.

Come read about our inspiring journey and see how our determination has helped us become a leader in the industry.
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We help you reach new heights in crane safety with our expert certification courses.
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We help you reach new heights in crane safety with our expert certification courses.
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